21 Disember 2007

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi…a virtual common foe of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic society

By The Oracle

GOING by a series of unprecedented tumult and change that prevailed within the Malaysia’s ethnically-charged political scene over the past four years or so, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s ungraceful exit is imminent.

For truly discerning and independent observers of the nation’s politics, the bumbling premier’s scarcely hidden inability to cope with such sea change makes the exit as good as a foregone conclusion.

Support for Abdullah’s pathetically inconsistent and jumpy leadership, especially amongst the nation’s urban populace and sizeable middle class of all racial denominations, is fast waning.


The fake picture of normalcy in support for his administration, from within and without the dominant UMNO, merely hinges on the nation’s vast and far-reaching web of official and semi-official propaganda machinery, which is still at the premier’s beck and call, or at least, at the mercy of his coterie of youthful but ill-experienced and grossly isolated advisers.

In spite of that false picture of undivided mass support, the writing is very much inscribed on the wall. The nation’s second largest ethnic group, the dominantly mercantile Chinese community, has made it clear to keen and independent observers that all they wanted is a strong and decisive Malay leadership figure that can weather the prevailing global and national economic uncertainties.

Such clear message from the Malaysian Chinese community is something that could not be just be taken lightly. In real political terms, the two major Chinese-based partner in the Barisan Nasional (BN) ruling coalition, the Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA) and Gerakan – notwithstanding the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP) – do not usually make their own decisions, especially on matters pertaining to the interests of the Chinese community.

Their decision are mainly dependent on the aspirations of the myriad but solidified web of Chinese ethnic associations and guilds.

In other words, the two Chinese-based parties within the ruling coalition and the DAP are mere political conduits for the jealously ethnic Chinese associations and guilds to express and implement the views and aspirations of the community in the ethnically-based Malaysian political fabric.

This has been proven many times over during the previous general as well as by-elections.

After more than four years, Abdullah’s leadership is thus generally seen by the Chinese community as “too incapable” of steering both the country’s economy out of its present abject uncertainties.

Official and semi-official spin doctoring aside, the Chinese community has been – for sometimes since the commencement of Abdullah’s premiership tenure – really feeling the pinch attributed to rampant inflationary pressures owing to failure by his administration to subsidize the rising price of fossil fuels.

As for support from the nation’s mostly ethnic Tamil-Hindu Indian community, an important ebb had been arrived at owing to Abdullah’s fumblings in facing the Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) demands.

Since before and after the Nov. 25th Hindraf rally in Kuala Lumpur, evidences are forming up to prove that the extremely sensitive sectarian demands by the unregistered Tamil-Hindu organization are epitome of Abdullah’s much-lauded but scarcely implemented policy of openness seriously back-firing on his own political survivability.

A sizeable majority of the Tamil-Hindu community of Malaysia were descendents of indentured labourers who were brought into the country by the British colonialists during the turn of the 20th century to work the then mushrooming expatriate-owned rubber plantations.

Following the advent of synthetic rubber post-World War II, the greatly reduced world demand for natural rubber led to a slump in the nation’s rubber industry, which had in turn caused serious socio-economic ramifications on the ethnic Tamil community.


As rubber plantations of old were turned into housing developments, and even new townships and industrial centres, to cater to the country’s growing urbanization and industrialisation, denizens of the Tamil coolie lines in the plantations were uprooted and transplanted into squatter settlements of major cities, especially Kuala Lumpur, thus the prevailing social blights attributed to the disenfranchised minority.

Such insidious socio-economic phenomena attributed to the Malaysian Indian community have all along been dangerously simmering just below the surface of the nation’s oft-advocated but scarcely maintained image of stability.

What was popularly seen by the Malay majority as growing failure by the Abdullah administration to maintain and safeguard their inherent dominance vis-à-vis the nation’s multi-racial set-up, as guaranteed by the Federal Comstitution, are being seen by keen observers as the imminent final straw that is bound to break the proverbial camel’s back.


His controversy-ridden decision to introduce the more than 2,000 square km Iskandar Development Region (IDR) growth corridor in the southern part of Johor – a long-time bastion of his own UMNO ruling party – is being increasingly perceived by even his party stalwarts as an abject sell-out to neighbouring Singapore and the domestic Chinese mercantile community.

To add insult to injury, former deputy premier, Tun Musa Hitam – long been identified as Abdullah’s political idol – who acts as the IDR’s adviser, has even inflamed hatred amongst Malays from within and without UMNO by openly declaring that the growth corridor project shall exclude affirmative action policy that favours the Malays and other bumiputras (please refer to the series of seven postings on the IDR in this blogspot).

This together with many other inherent political weaknesses that an increasing number of UMNO stalwarts are attributing to Abdullah’s bumbling leadership are fast alienating him from the powerful grassroots.


With such negative scenario arrayed against Abdullah’s leadership of the nation, the only possible questions that remained of his administration are:

* How and when is his exit possible, in a not too distant future?

* If such happens, who, within UMNO, has the necessary political clout and dexterity to appease the current disparate but increasingly solidified “opposition regime”, while at the same time maintain loyalty of the three million or so members of the dominant and jealously grass root-based conservative Malay status quo political entity, and not to mention the unpredictable bureaucracy; to make the post-Abdullah transition a smooth and one-off affair?


Whatever is the answer, a smooth transition of power could not possibly be with maintaining UMNO’s dominance over the nation’s political landscape. A smooth transition can never be if all concerned adopt the grossly destructive attitude of burning the mosquito net to kill a single elusive mosquito.

Continuation of UMNO’s dominance is the necessary formula to maintain strong government, thus future stability. Whatever weaknesses and excesses attributed to the middle-aged party can possibly be corrected by intervention from a whole new sets of idealistic leaders whose main mission was to undertake serious and all-encompassing re-invention of the party.

We must, at all cost avoid the pitfalls of the September 2006 military coup de etat in Thailand, which toppled Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. A new Thai constitutional amendement , which was drafted by a panel appointed by Bangkok’s military junta and was approved in an August 19 referendum, has unwittingly bogged the kingdom down in a mire of weak and unstable coalitions and frequent coups.

The latest constitutional charter tweaks the country’s voting system in favour of smaller parties. In other words, the aim of the new constitutional charter was to make it harder for any other dominant majority party like Thaksin’s already dissolved Thai Rath Thai Party (TRT) to emerge in the future.

Such move is ironic: the whole point of Thailand’s last democratic constitution, passed in 1997, was to free the kingdom from the cycle of weak and unstable coalitions, thus frequent military coups. The imminent danger is now that the constitutional charter will succeed too well and Thailand will be back to weak governments.

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A Voice berkata...

Your sense of optimism is a delight to hear. It's been a long bloody four years journey and battle.

Alas, the game ain't over when the fat lady ends her song. It will be merely the beginning. The mess Abdullah created in four years will take more than 10 years to clean up.

I hope Malaysians will learn to appreciate it's independence. We must stop being in denial and be disillusioned by strange ideas.

Malaysia is not Truly Asia as the tourism catchphrase. It has it's own identity and heritage. Learn to acknowledge and accept that legacy. That is Malaysia or Malaysian (Bangsa Malaysia).

We need to desegregate and fuse together as Malaysian. We need to cooperate and help each other forward without much accounting. Finally, we need to work towards a society more equitable and fair in its absoluteness.

An equitable and fair society can only be achieved when ... things are placed in its rightful and proper place ( ... meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya.)

SGBP berkata...

I agree that it is UMNO ony that will be able to provide that stability the country needs. UMNO has to stay but not in its current form and pratise. Will UMNO be willing to make that paradigm shift or reformation?

The Malays worldview does not appreciate new things, but not out of fear of chanege. It is merely trusting something proven and tested over time than something new untested.

What needs to be preached for UMNO is a reversion to the original nilai-nilai dan semangat perjuangan aluran Melayu/Islam?

UMNO has to shed it's destructive feudal legacy. It is this legacy that has perpetuated the relational practise of benevolent leader and expecting loyal followers. This legacy also perpetuate and conveniently used to justify corruption and malpractises.

UMNO has to develop a new culture based on knowledge and democrasy. There has to be improved level of transparency in information and consistency in its decision making. Decision has to be based on information and knowledge and in accordance with the spirit of fair play in democrasy. It has to operate within the party a system with check and balances and not at the whim and fancy of its leaders.

IF any paradigm shift that needs done, UMNO has to change from its cadre system that is producing non thinking members into a structure that focus on quality over quantity for quantity sake.

It's a new world out thre and UMNO hasto buck up or face it's demise.

petot berkata...

Kawan tak kisah siapa nak ambil alih UMNO bila Dolah bodoh tu terguling. Yang penting bagi kawan orang yang nak ambil alih parti tu mestilah orang jujur.

investment888 berkata...

All that we suffered now were the results & fallout of the old Administration of Tun DR M.

When the present leadership take over, it was already in a mess. Openness allowed by Govt, only released the bottled up, pent -up frustrations of ( 1983 to 1993) to show its ugly faces.

No one care to comment on this?

investment888 berkata...

All that we suffered now were the results & fallout of the old Administration of Tun DR M.

When the present leadership take over, it was already in a mess. Openness allowed by Govt, only released the bottled up, pent -up frustrations of ( 1983 to 2003) to show its ugly faces.

No one care to comment on this?
1st posting error on date frame..

Mr. Smith berkata...

"Continuation of UMNO’s dominance is the necessary formula to maintain strong government, thus future stability."
I disagree.
With an inherent culture of corruption and politics of patronage, I don't see how UMNO can transform itself.
The problem is compounded by the fact that there isn't one visible or credible leader within the party to lead the party to "maintain a strong government, thus future stability.
I would venture to say that there are more credible and capable leaders outside UMNO than within to lead this country to greater heights - a Malay led multi-racial party, constituted from "untainted" leaders from UMNO/BN and the Opposition.
What we need is a collection of multi-racial brains to lead this country, not just self-serving leader of one race, who move up the political ladder more through money /racist politics rather than political acumen.

nspirasi berkata...

mr smith is right...

if UMNO continues to rule..there will NOT be any significant positive change possible...becos the current leadership r totally entrenched in the same institutionalised modus operandi NOT conducive to Equitable and Integritous National Harmony.

Malaysia has absolutely no future if ruled by race/religious based political parties.

as suggested by Mr Smith...we need a top calibre of leaders surrounded with well qualified advisors appointed based on their ABILITY to contribute..rather than their nepotistic connections..

we need to shed our partisan past...and for once be Malaysians..and nothing else...

and only then be able to work together to build on what is a truly blessed land of plenty...

there is enough for all of us...for all rakyat to have good quality health and education...in a peaceful society not plagued with sectarian distrust and animosity...bound by a legal system and judiciary that we can TRUST...

UMNO cannot...for now...deliver that dream...

for that dream to materialise...maybe the first step would be to dissolve all race based parties...no more UMNO...no more MIC...no more MCA...

lets have a Peoples Party...made up of all races and creeds...with one and only one common aim...


is this just a pipe dream...or maybe...just maybe...it might come true..

Cucu Kiyai Salleh berkata...

I'm all for a govt of national unity of the near future if only one can think on how to appease, and what to do, with the 3 million or so UMNO members plus the sizeable "highly brainwashed" ignorant but comfortable Malay masses in the rural areas. Throughout the nation's history, there's only one instance when these teeming messes were successfully kept under "positive subservience"; that was when General Yamashita's Japanese Imperial Forces forcefully decided to turn them into future Samurai's and avid practitioners of the noble Bushido code of conduct. Back then idle Malay country bumpkins were "positively taught" - the Nipoon Military way - to make full use of the abundant natural resources within their villaes, which prior to that they have taken for granted. Hence comical images of the poor Malay bumpkins struggling to climb coconut trees at the threat of drawn Japanese bayonets; or having been taught basic good moral conducts by having to bow at every occuption soldiers they encountered at threats of a tight karate chop on the neck and shouts of "bageros" (stupid).

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Ghani will be out soon and replaced. Ghani plead to Istana, but Istana say no.
It's about time for a new mb for the betterment of Jhr's development

The Guardian berkata...

When everyone is staying in a glass house, please stop throwing rocks around. The glass house that we're in would have to first be dismantled and in its place a good and cosy red brick and cement one. The person or persons who are doing the dismantling have almost completed their job, save for one final glass structure left standing. They are now even contemplating on what type of indigenous brick and cement house to be built, in place of the unreliable old and brittle glass house of Western/Zionist import.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

When will the ordinary malays ever learn that their proud racial and religious fervour have been conveniently exploited by the avaricious elites in the parasitic UMNO under the banner of "ketuanan melayu" and empty slogans such as "demi ugama, bangsa dan negara" ?

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ruyom berkata...

New Cabinet:

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Foreign Minister - Ramasamy

Health Minister - Tan Seng Giaw

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Information Minister - Jeff Ooi

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Sports Minister -

Technology Minister -

Trade Minister - Khalid

Transport Minister - Liew Chin Tong

(Penang Chief Minister - Lim Guan Eng)

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