15 September 2008


By The Guardian


Five years into your administration of the nation has in its effect corroded the very foundation that our founding fathers have aspired for and built over the past 50 years or so.

What appears to be your single-minded but somewhat hasty attempt at national re-engineering post-Mahathir by introducing unbridled and alien neo-liberal policies has eaten into the very national foundation that UMNO and the Royal Malaysia Police, its two most enduring sentinels, have been jealously defending.

As a result, whatever semblance of decisive national authority, as a legacy of your predecessors, is diminishing within a relatively short span of your stewardship of the nation. Such is especially true in regard to the real and present menace facing the nation’s overall security.

Ominous evidences of your misguided and wayward policies on National Security are manifold, first and foremost being what was popularly perceived to be your pathetic and vain-glorious attempts at introducing openness in your administration.Such shoddy attempts at socio-political re-engineering have backfired on the administration by creating potentially divisive centrifugal effects on the inherently delicate balance of the nation’s plural Asian society.

Your themes of openness and outright democratization of the nation, had in actual fact empowered and mobilized myriad evil forces of racial and religious extremisms. This is so much so that certain elements within your Federal Cabinet are foolishly carrying out their own little suicidal campaigns against the preventive Internal Security Act (ISA).

In such particular case, what took certain segments of the opposition and other forces of anti-establishment decades to achieve is being achieved by your favorite mandarins within a matter of days of the present Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan.

If not for crusading initiatives by some of your ministers, the national security machinery itself, as well as the grassroots within UMNO – by boldly exercising their fundamental prerogatives – things could have been much worse than they are at present.

This plea is exclusively made with the question of National Security and Stability in mind, especially in view of the current worrisome developments affecting ethnic and religious harmony amongst segments of the nation’s plural society.


If you continue to allow your leadership to pose as a detriment to internal security, public order and overall stability and security of the nation, then be prepared to accept the fact that you have irretrievably lost the qualification and credibility to lead our beloved nation.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

What comes around must come around. Even our Singlish friends from across the Causeway are beginning to realise that things over here is not what its seems. Our PM is being taken a virtual hostage of the Judeo-Christian neoimperialists with the help of his youthful "handlers".

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Alas! The Emperor With No Clothes has finally been awakened from a deep slumber after taking a wretched apple offered by a young punk from the land of pemancing ikan!! Slam bang, THANK YOU MAAM; that's for being a patriotic Malaysian, helluva lover/friend and housewife.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Now that Najib has qualified himself to be UMNO's 7th President after garnering more than two third nominations from the 191 party's divisions, it remains to be seen whether Pak Lah would step down, as promised, and make way for him to be the country's 6th Prime Minister, come March 2009. However, before that can happen many observers, including former premier Dr Mahathir, are already hinting on a possible covert linkages between Najib and Pak Lah's much despised "Fourth Floor Boys." Keen observations might even come up with a possible foreign-led long term conspiracy to create a so-called "regime change" scenario, of which Najib might turn out to be the much awaited "puppet" of the Judeo-Christian West.

Muhammad Asad aka Leopold Weiss

Jalaluddin Rumi Melayu berkata...

What's all the hoo haa over Ethos. I mean, why now...The writing has long been inscribed on the walls; hailing back to the days during Najibs first of two term tenures at the helm of the Defence portfolio and Anwar Ibrahim's ascendency to our top national leadership positions. Are we so incapacitated by all the political dogmas, rhetorics and worship of political idols so as to be blinded by the real global enemy already breaching our defensive perimeters and uppermost echelon of our national leaderships. What happened to our national security trip wires? Who is subservient to whom?

Nano Nano berkata...

Can Najib take the rein of power from Abdullah come March 2009? If he indeed becomes the Prime Minister then, how long can he last? Can he and UMNO/BN survive the next General Elections? Somehow that's the favourite questions by Malaysian's from all walks of life whenever they gather in coffee shops and other public places. Things have become such that "Najib Speculating" seems to have become one of our new national pastime.Are these, and many more political posers, ominous signs of a bigger social malaise afflicting contemporary Malaysian? Waning Hopes + Insecurities + Despair = PARANOIA