22 Januari 2012

Mahathir’s Rule-by-Proxy

This posting is a necessary reply to a comment by one Tanpa Nama on a preceding posting, Telur Tembelang “Mahathirisme” Pecah di India

Dear Tanpa Nama…to trust is to look out for that rare, persistent and independent close watchers of Mahathir's political wranglings throughout the years; right from the day he began to re brand himself as a saviour of the Malays circa May 13th 1969 via the scarcely empirical study of the racial blood-lettings, The Malay Dilemma (the Mahathir's Mein Kampf or Das Kapital, if you may, is slightly better than the average "surat layang" political gossips of UMNO sub-culture, post-the Party’s deregisteration in1986. In fact, the book was penned in just a matter of days at a house owned by one Arshad, whom in many instances Mahathir has privately claimed to be the father of late local pop idol Sudirman in Section 16, Petaling Jaya), right up to the present.

My friend Tanpa Nama, to be sure is also to trace how this shrewd believer in the Machiavellian philosophy of ends justifying means manages to wiggle his way up UMNO's heirarchy by a combination of mere dogmas and rhetorics, and by deftly “eliminating” Party stalwarts that pose potential threats to his ambition. In strategizing his political blitzkrieg (that includes elimination of potential rivals; people like Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim) the now so-called statesman knew all along that adopting and disseminating the right combination of dogmas and rhetorics is a sure-fire ways to catch the imaginations of the Malay masses with their simplistic and staunchly feudalistic outlook towards life (especially the teeming mass of UMNO grassroots in the kampungs that’s constantly egged on to follow the “Mahathirism” line by UMNO’s apparatchiks in the rural areas that comprised school teachers, Kemas, and Penerangan extension officers as well as occassional brainwashings and indoctrinations at Biro Tatanegara’s work camps, apart from the usual Party controlled media, notwithstanding his ownership-by-proxy of Astro’s pay TV network).

Tanpa Nama, I’ve yet to mention how Mahathir have already created a symbiosis of cybertroopers to serve his seemingly immortal political and business ambitions, way before Prime Minister, Dato Sri Mohd Najib had begun his lately, but I don’t think its practical to do so for the time being.

However, to sum it all up, thanks to his decades of meddling and riding shotgun on the back of UMNO’s Kebangsaan Melayu, Mahathir has achieved an uneering knack for that almost impossible political art of control-by-proxy in furtherance of his covert ideology ie. he need not pay or patronize anyone to do the political dirty jobs for him.

Mahathir is a one man CIA Secret Team, with or without him realizing it. And “Mahathirism” is a back-door ideology that’s somehow managed to gain support riding on the popular and proven Malay Nationalism of UMNO; of course, the UMNO that’s deregistered in 1986.

The teeming mass of support for UMNO or Orang UMNO, is now beginning to realize that all these years of Mahathir’s political wranglings are merely in furtherance of his dark cult of leader-worship and illegal ideology; the man’s political words and deeds are being increasingly proven to be mere folly; ones that’s insidiously but surely alienating the Party from the silent majority;

It is thus, within the interests of all Orang UMNO, to eventually want him, or any of his remaining disciples, out of the theater for good, come the 13th General Elections.

For in the face of that crucial general elections, Orang UMNO and the rakyats at large must learn to delicately sift precious little diamonds hidden in the midst of broken glasses.

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Cucu Musa Hitam berkata...

If I may add, my dear friend Si Bongkok, the spark of dissension against Mahathir within UMNO had actually begun in the mid-1980s when Musa Hitam decided to quit his Deputy Party President, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister posts after being suddenly accused by the former of hatching a plot of "Musa boys" to topple the old man, who was then Prime Minister and UMNO President. To the best of my knowledge, one of these so-called Musa boys include our present PM, Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. I am sure that was the reason why when the UMNO Supreme Council decided then to coax Musa Hitam (who was on a holiday in Davos, Switzerland before finally deciding to call it quit) from quitting, Najib (who was then Pahang Menteri Besar and Pahang UMNO Liaison chief, thus automatic member of the Council) was one of the three Party leaders assigned to fly to Davos for the task; a task that had eventually been proven futile. The falling out of the so-called 2M (Mahathir-Musa) leaderships had then divided UMNO smack down the middle into Team A (pro-Mahathir) and Team B (pro-Musa). The rest was history in UMNO's realpolitik. That history need be told now for the sake of reconciling present leaders and the grassroots with the Party's checkered pasts and, most importantly, the destructive saga of Mahathir's devious legacy of divide and rule.