23 Ogos 2007


The prognosis is not as good for our precious little jewel of East Asia, as it used to be.

Our nation’s Barisan Nasional status quo body politics are in sheer disarray. Dominant UMNO has lost its center of gravity, whilst its largely ineffective central leaderships are being reduced to mere shambles; for having to grapple with a series of greed-inflicted credibility crises of the worst and unprecedented kinds.

Whatever vestiges of moral ascendancy left of that ageing political and economic order, half a century in the making, are rapidly disintegrating in a matter of the past two decades or so.

The old order’s insidiously divisive Social Contract needs serious re-thinking, if stability in the nation’s multi-racial populace is to be maintained for long.

And, most importantly: the Malay Rulers, civil society and middle-class of silent majority Malaysia are earnestly taking cue from that unprecedented developments: they are instinctively empowering themselves for that almost imminent dream of a New National Order of sorts; a complete anti-thesis to the pathologically imperialist New Global Order of Western import.

By and large, things HAVE to get worse before all patriotic Malaysians can achieve their dream of a more realistic and enduring plural society in a nation that shall, at long last, indigenously chart its own course to lasting sovereignty and prosperity.

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